WSMC Year in Review - 2018

WSMC members continue to operate their vessels responsibly and eliminate or minimize oil spills while in WA state waters. In 2018 there were over 5,000 WSMC member vessel transits* and only 6 member oil spills with only 3 requiring clean up actions. Additionally there was an unprecedented 7 months when there were no WSMC member spills. Our 10-year average continues to be less than 1 spill response for every 1,000 vessel transits. When a WSMC member spill incident occurs, it is usually very small. Our 10-year average spill incident is approximately ¼ cup, or 55 ml, for every 1,000 vessel transits. Though spill incidents are very infrequent and amounts relatively small, be assured the WSMC team maintains the highest state of readiness to respond to a major oil spill incident if it should occur.

WSMC members are to be congratulated for their careful and conscientious operation of their vessels while in Washington State waters. We look forward to continuing to cover your vessels in WA state waters in 2019 and beyond.

* A transit is each round trip movement of a vessel in and out of WA state waters and each passenger ferry route covered per day.

Revised Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2019

Dear Valued Member,

In accordance with the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) Enrollment Agreement, this letter serves as notification of changes to the Vessel Transit Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2019.  This new fee schedule is attached for review; you may view this and other information about WSMC on our website at

Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) operates as a non-profit cooperative that was established for and by the shipping industry of Washington to provide vessel operators with a simple and effective means to meet Washington State oil spill contingency planning requirements at a reasonable cost.  There has been no increase in fees to WSMC members since 2016 and before that, 2005.

In 2014, WSMC revised its business plan to meet changes in the State planning standards.  These changes required a plan holder to maintain an increased level of resources to respond to a spill, which we accomplished through new contracts with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) and Global Diving and Salvage, Inc. During this period we also revised our financial plan to provide additional resources and services while reducing fees charged to members. 

The fee schedule introduced in 2016 was structured to allow WSMC to continue providing the high level of response capability and compliance required by current Washington State regulations, while ensuring the fees are appropriate and equitable to all vessel classes served by WSMC.  This new 2019 fee schedule is an adjustment to the 2016 fee schedule required to keep WSMC’s budget in balance.

We know that cost control is important to your business.  We also know that when a vessel is required to activate its plan, you expect the best possible response.  WSMC provides the best value to meet these expectations.  Here’s why: 

  • Through our contractors, the WSMC Plan presently provides response capability that meets or exceeds the Washington State planning standard requirements for skimming vessels, skimming capacity, oil containment boom, and recovered oil storage.

  • WSMC has a one-time vessel enrollment to better streamline the enrollment process for your vessels.

  • WSMC continues to provide the critical Reciprocal Arrangement Agreement with Canada, with free registration for vessel coverage in Canadian waters on your transit in and out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.   

  • WSMC’s Vessel Enrollment Agreement continues to meet the guidelines of the International P&I Clubs.

  • WSMC conducts successful response exercises that meet or exceed U.S. Coast Guard and WA State requirements.

  • WSMC’s vessel coverage has been providing vessel operator’s reliable service for 28 years. Our experienced response managers and incident commanders are ready 24/7 to serve you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about your coverage with WSMC.  We are glad to provide details about the advantages of WSMC membership, enrollments, vessel coverage, our contractor partners, and more.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for using WSMC to meet your vessel’s oil spill contingency plan needs for Washington State.  Your membership keeps the cooperative strong and enables us to continue providing you with the best coverage in Washington State waters at the most reasonable cost and best value to your company.


Dan Nutt, President
Roger Mowery, Executive Director

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2019

2019 Election of Directors for Ferries, Foreign Liner Cargo/Cruise Vessels, and Foreign Non-Liner Cargo Vessels.

Director Nominations due January 31!

 Dear Washington State Maritime Cooperative Member:

 The Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) has three Director Positions up for nomination and election.  Each newly elected Director will take his/her position on the date elected at WSMC’s annual meeting.  Directors are elected for three-year terms. 

 William Miller has served three years as the elected Ferry Vessel Director. Robert Price has been the Alternate Ferry Vessel Director.  Both William Miller and Robert Price have confirmed that they are willing to continue to serve on the WSMC Board, although they may change positions with Mr. Miller becoming the alternate.  Randy Click is the appointed Foreign Liner Cargo/Cruise Vessel Director.  Randy Click has confirmed that he is willing to continue to serve on the WSMC Board, if nominated and elected.  Kevin Pinson, the Foreign Liner Cargo Vessels Director for fourteen years, is resigning his position, and we are seeking a new Director to fill this position.    

 According to WSMC’s Bylaws, WSMC’s Directors must be actively employed or serving on behalf of a company or entity (this may include consultants and interest groups).  The nominee should have at least five (5) years of experience within the vessel operating category which they represent.  Knowledge, experience, and/or interest in oil-spill responses are also important.

 You are requested to nominate a candidate for the position of Director for your segment of the maritime industry.  This nomination process will be followed by the distribution of election ballots in February 2019.  Your vote for your new Director may be cast in person or by proxy at the annual meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.  An official notice of the meeting and location will be sent to you with a ballot in February 2019.

 Your nomination form is enclosed.  Please review the information on the top of the form, fill in the requested information and nomination, and return to WSMC by January 31, 2019.  The top nominees (up to three) will be put on the election ballot.

 Thank you in advance for your participation and support in this process.Please call me at (425) 486-3501 if you desire more information or have any questions.

Executive Director

Click here for Directions Nomination Form

WSMC expands spill management team to include The Response Group (TRG) - Press Release

The Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) welcomes The Response Group (TRG) to its spill management team. In the event of a maritime spill, TRG will provide support for resource tracking and ordering, data management, GIS mapping and the use of their Incident Accident Plan (IAP) software to implement the Incident Command System.

Dan Nutt, President of the WSMC Board of Directors noted that “having the resources of TRG as part of the WSMC response team will significantly enhance our ability to respond to an oil spill. This is a great benefit to our WSMC members and demonstrates WSMC’s commitment to improving our response capabilities.”


The revised WSMC Plan no longer requires “supplemental” resources.  Effective January 1, 2014, WSMC will become a member of the Marine Preservation Association (MPA), thereby gaining access to Marine Spill Response Corporation’s (MSRC’s) comprehensive spill response resources in the State of Washington. There is no increase to the WSMC fee for adding MSRC to the WSMC Plan.