Starting in January 1, 2014, the WSMC Plan will provide coverage utilizing MSRC for primary spill response resources. These resources provide the WSMC member with coverage by a plan with superior response capability. All for the same cost of compliance.

Benefits for WSMC members:

  • Compared to the NRC plan, the WSMC Plan with MSRC provides over:
    2.5 times the number of oil skimming vessels,
    3 times the amount of oil skimming capacity,
    2 times the amount of oil containment boom, and
    2.5 times the amount of recovered oil storage.
  • WSMC coverage with MSRC resources will be obtained through simply enrolling with WSMC.
  • A vessel may have either MSRC or NRC for their federal OSRO coverage and still enroll in WSMC.
  • The WSMC member need not be an MPA/MSRC member to obtain WSMC coverage.
  • MPA members that do enroll with WSMC will get a credit on their MPA national dues.