The Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) is pleased to announce a cooperative arrangement with the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC). Effective January 1, 2014, WSMC will become a member of the Marine Preservation Association (MPA), thereby gaining access to MSRC’s comprehensive spill response resources in the State of Washington.

The new WSMC umbrella plan will offer many advantages over other alternative means of meeting Washington State’s spill response regulatory requirements. These advantages include:

  • Simple, one-stop, single fee (WSMC Vessel Assessment fee Schedule) compliance with Washington State oil spill contingency plan requirements. Access to MSRC will be a simple step in the WSMC enrollment process. This step will provide WSMC with the ability to cite MSRC’s resources as well as activate them on behalf of the enrolled vessel;
  • “Supplemental” resources are no longer required in the WSMC Washington State contingency plan;
  • Extensive history of providing regulatory compliance, plan writing and spill management experience in the State of Washington, unmatched by others;
  • Access contractually to both Global Diving and Salvage (Global), a well respected local Washington environmental contractor, and MSRC, to provide full coverage of all WSMC covered waters of Washington State;
  • Corporate separateness of WSMC, Global and MSRC, such that WSMC’s determination and utilization of spill response resources will be independent and without incentive to enhance resource use and ultimately revenue to either Global or MSRC. This is unlike other alternative offerings in Washington State;
  • Competitive pricing as previously announced, with no additional increase to the WSMC fee for adding MSRC to the WSMC resource base and umbrella plan.  This is coupled with WSMC’s “no cost “ pricing in 2014 to any company, enrolling a tank vessel or barge, that also becomes a member of MPA for access to MSRC on a national basis (although national membership in MPA is not required for WSMC coverage); and
  • For WSMC Members that are national Members of MPA and therefore have access to MSRC resources outside of Washington State, these Members will be credited with a portion of their WSMC fee that is allocated for MSRC access. This credit reduces the overall national dues for these MPA Members.

Additionally, WSMC is now in closing discussions (NOW APPROVED DECEMBER 13, 2013) with the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG) to finalize acceptance of the WSMC enrollment agreement as conforming with the IG guidelines so that no additional insurance is needed. The MSRC Service Agreement already conforms with the IG guidelines. The addition of MSRC to the WSMC resource base and umbrella plan offers the following advantages over alternative offerings:

  • MSRC’s comprehensive capabilities exceeding Washington State planning obligations, including systems-based mechanical recovery with Responder Class OSRVs unmatched by any other OSRO, near shore and shoreline response capability, controlled burning, and dispersant spraying.;
  • MSRC’s recently announced technology advances in spill response capability including remote aerial sensing and fast advancing encounter systems, in addition, to other investments already made to satisfy the new Washington State regulations required by HB 1186.  While much of this capability is not required until 2016, MSRC already has this capability available during 2014 and at no additional charge to its vessel customers. Others do not yet fully meet the 2014 HB 1186 requirements, as determined by Washington Department of Ecology. As additional information, OSRO contracts on a national basis typically have a 30-day advance notification requirement prior to the beginning of the calendar year.  Companies considering a change in OSRO for 2014 should be mindful of the requirement to provide written notification before December 1, 2013.

Annual tank vessel dues and non-tank vessel dues for membership in MPA on a national basis are enclosed. For questions about Membership in MPA and access to MSRC’s services nationally, please contact Judith Roos at or Brett Drewry at

For questions about this new cooperative arrangement between WSMC and MSRC please contact either Judith or Brett, or Roger Mowery, at, or Tom Callahan, at, or WSMC directly.

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