November 6, 2013

Dear WSMC Members, Agents Representing WSMC Members, and Qualified Individuals:

This is an update to our letter of October 4, 2013. WSMC has a new, reduced, rate schedule (attached), effective January 1, 2014. This rate schedule was formulated as part of your elected Board of Directors’, representing the cargo, passenger, tank, and fishing vessel industries, continuing efforts to best serve the WSMC members. The new rate schedule has been simplified by eliminating the subsequent transit fee.  WSMC will only charge a new and reduced annual fee upon enrolled vessel’s first transit.  As WSMC transitions to a revised Plan and this new rate schedule, if you are already enrolled in WSMC, your vessel’s enrollment automatically continues and your anniversary date does not change. Therefore members that have already paid an initial transit fee are paid up until their next enrollment anniversary date in 2014.  Existing contract requirements do necessitate that for the balance of 2013 the regular subsequent transit fee schedule remain in place, at its same greatly reduced rate.  Again, if you already have an active enrollment, after January 1, 2014, there will be no further assessments until your next enrollment anniversary date in 2014, no matter how many transits your vessel makes during that time. In addition WSMC will offer an enrollment for no fee during all of 2014 for tank vessels that choose to transfer to another OSRO provider as part of their OSRO coverage under the WSMC Plan. 

 The reduced WSMC rate schedule is being implemented to serve our members in the marketplace. WSMC, a non-profit cooperative, run by its enrolled members, knows that you have choices and values your business and loyalty. Therefore, as you consider any “no charge” offer for the remaining two months of 2013 from a for-profit contractor plan, please be aware starting in 2014 you will be charged their annual assessment fee and must additionally contract for their OSRO services. The majority of WSMC Members’ covered vessels have already paid an annual/first transit fee within the past year and therefore by staying with the WSMC Plan will avoid these fees, incurring no additional costs for coverage until their enrollment anniversary date in 2014.  If vessel owner/operators are considering contracting for Washington State oil spill contingency plan coverage with a company other than WSMC, we ask that you contact us first to ensure you have accurate information as you consider which plan and pricing is appropriate for your situation.

In additional news, WSMC’s revised enrollment document will be issued (available on November 15, 2013) for your, or your authorized agent’s, signature in association with WSMC’s revised 2014 contingency Plan.  This revised enrollment document is required under new Washington state regulations and contains only minor changes. This new form will be distributed to WSMC members, agents and QIs, and will be available for download from the WSMC web site.  An on-line form will also be available on the web site, enabling paperless enrollment.  In conjunction with this enrollment document, as noted above, your enrollment anniversary date does not change.

Our Member’s interests are WSMC’s top priority, as a cooperative of members, created by and for the membership.  With the new WSMC rate schedule going into effect and with enrollment anniversary dates staying unchanged, WSMC is the most economical means of compliance for current and future enrolled WSMC member vessels. Additionally, enrolling with WSMC will continue to be the simple, convenient and straightforward process it has always been. WSMC will continue to offer the reciprocity arrangement with Canada, as well, saving member vessels money with free registration for the Canadian coverage.  We hope you will continue to let WSMC serve you, since it is our members who enable us to remain a strong and effective cooperative and provide the best available oil spill contingency plan in Washington.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may also visit our website at for all of the latest information about WSMC.  Thank you.  We value our members.

Very truly yours,

Roger D. Mowery

Executive Director

Click here for this notice and rate schedule in PDF.

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