• We are happy to report the revised WSMC Oil Spill Contingency Plan has been approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology. The revised plan is effective on January 1, 2014.  Note: This is a conditional approval with full approval expected January 2014.
  • WSMC is terminating its contract with NRC at the end of this year. The revised WSMC plan and business model utilizes a newly contracted local and prominent spill response company and leverages the WSMC member’s own arrangements, available to the member and already required by US Federal Vessel Response Plan (VRP) regulations, for access to the extensive, best technology, spill response resources of the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC). We feel that this new plan will offer a superior level of response resources and expertise than what we were able to offer under our contract with NRC.
  • Under the WSMC plan using directly contracted and MSRC resources, compared to the NRC plan, WSMC plan coverage in Washington state will have:

3 times the number of oil skimming vessels
4 times the amount of oil skimming capacity
1.5 times the amount of oil boom
20 times the amount of liquid storagge
    (Source: Western Response Resource List)

  • Under WSMC spill management, only the equipment required to do the job is called out, with no motivation to do anything other than clean up the spill in the safest, fastest, most efficient and economical manner. In a response where a contingency plan provider also serves as the primary response contractor, which strives to make a profit on the activation of any and all response equipment, it cannot be presumed that the plan provider/contractor will only call out what is needed in order to contain costs.
  • WSMC will continue the Reciprocal Arrangement Agreement with Canada, providing free registration for your vessel’s plan coverage in Canadian waters on your transit out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • WSMC sign-up is still one-stop for the non-tank deep draft vessels that have the national MSRC coverage provided through the P&I Club arrangements.  Just sign the new Vessel Enrollment Agreement as you always have before.
  • WSMC offers an enrollment for no fee during all of 2014 for tank vessels that choose to transfer to MSRC as part of their OSRO coverage under the WSMC Plan.
  • WSMC has a new, reduced, rate schedule, effective January 1, 2014, with reduced rates and no subsequent transit fees. If you have already paid a first transit fee then you are paid up for any transits in 2014, until your next anniversary date, no matter how many transits your vessel makes.
  • WSMC’s new Vessel Enrollment Agreement for 2014 is now available for you or your authorized agent’s signature. The Enrollment Agreement is being distributed and is also available on-line at the WSMC web site.  There is no cost to re-enroll if you have already paid your annual/first transit fee.
  • WSMC is actively working with the International Group (IG) of P&I Clubs to address any concerns recently noted with the WSMC Enrollment Agreement.
  • WSMC is a non-profit organization. WSMC exists for the benefit of its members. Keep your rates from increasing out of control in the future by supporting WSMC through continued membership. 
    Please choose your plan wisely.

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