WSMC has submitted its revised contingency plan to the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and it is currently undergoing the standard 30-day public review and comment period, ending on on October 9. WSMC expects plan approval from Ecology on or about November 9. It’s important to emphasize that in order to comply with increased Washington requirements, the revised plan will result in some changes in the way we serve members. As WSMC’s board and staff considered these changes, we were guided by the principle of providing professional, high quality service, in an efficient and cost-effective manner that is in line with the Ecology’s expectation for use of the “best available” technology in all phases of response planning.

  • In perhaps the most significant change, which begins January 1, WSMC will provide coverage not only with its own directly contracted Primary Response Contractor (PRC) spill response resources but also with supplemental PRC resources provided by members through their own PRC arrangements.
  • Last month, WSMC completed arrangements for PRC resources with Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., a Seattle based, highly respected, full marine service company that has been performing oil spill responses since 1979. We are very pleased to have Global join the WSMC team as its primary resource contractor.
  • In most cases, WSMC members already have the required supplemental PRC coverage though their own membership or contractual arrangements.
  • Under the revised plan, WSMC will continue to cover member vessels in all areas of Washington waters covered under the present WSMC Plan. As a result of the combined resources, there will be much more capability, more dedicated spill response resources, and higher technology equipment and vessels, available to respond to a spill, than under WSMC’s present plan or any other plan in Washington.
  • Enrolling for WSMC services under the new plan will be as simple as it’s always been. You will not experience increased paperwork and, as always, our staff is available to assist you. The enclosed table outlines what you need to do to obtain coverage.
  • The WSMC spill management team, led by seasoned incident commanders drawn from the senior ranks of NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard will direct spill responses with the member’s best interests always at the forefront, with no consideration for profit.
  • As a nonprofit cooperative, managed by a maritime industry elected board of directors, WSMC members are our first priority. WSMC is here to serve the spill response needs for all members at a reasonable fee that does not require WSMC to make a profit. WSMC has not raised fees since 2005 and will resist fee increases, and if possible, lower fees, as the result of the changes in the revised plan.

A PRC Supplemental Resources Information Table is linked with guidance about what actions may be needed, if any, associated with your vessel enrollment starting January 1, 2014 under the revised WSMC Plan. For more information on this and the revised plan please contact WSMC’s Response Manager, Tom Callahan (206-465-0715, email or me. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. You may also want to review the FAQ page we have prepared with more details on the revised plan.

Very truly yours,
Roger D. Mowery
Executive Director