WSMC Year in Review - 2017

WSMC members have always been careful and responsible to eliminate or minimize oil spills while in WA state waters and 2017 was no exception. Last year with over 5,800 WSMC member vessel transits* there were only 8 member spills and only 2 oil spill clean up responses. This was one of our lowest years on record. Our 10-year average is less than 1 spill response for every 1,000 vessel transits. And when spill incidents have occurred, they are usually very small. Our 10-year average spill incident is approximately ¼ cup, or 55 ml, for every 1,000 vessel transits. Though spill incidents are very infrequent and amounts relatively small, be assured the WSMC team maintains the highest state of readiness to respond to a major oil spill incident if it should occur.

WSMC member owner/operators are to be congratulated for their careful and conscientious operation of their vessels while in Washington State waters. We look forward to continuing to cover your vessels in WA state waters in 2018 and beyond.

* A transit is each round trip movement of a vessel in and out of WA state waters and each passenger ferry route covered per day.