Washington Department of Ecology Approves Oil Spill Contingency Plan for Washington State Maritime Cooperative

January 31, 2019


Dear Valued Member,

 I am pleased to inform you the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has granted full approval to the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) oil spill contingency plan following a required 5 year review. Ecology issued the approval on January 23, 2019, which covers the next 5 years and will run through January 23, 2024.

 This recent approval demonstrates our continued commitment to provide WSMC members with compliance and a spill response capability that meets or exceeds the latest Washington contingency plan rules. WSMC has been approved for multiple and umbrella vessel coverage since 1991, and continues to be the only “umbrella” vessel plan holder for Puget Sound and Grays Harbor.

 The WSMC Oil Spill Contingency Plan may be downloaded from the Contingency Plan page of the WSMC web site. https://wsmcoop.org/contingency-plan

Thank you for your continued membership in WSMC.


Executive Director