JANUARY 1, 2014

Owner/operator/authorized agent:

  1. Enrollment forms and information may be requested by mail, email, fax, or phone. The easiest and recommended source for the most up to date information and forms is here on the WSMC website. WSMC Phone: 206 448-7557. Fax: 206 443-3839. Address: Washington State Maritime Cooperative, 100 West Harrison, Suite S560, Seattle, WA 98119. Email: or
  2. The enrollment forms consist of: (a) WSMC Enrollment Agreement and (b) Schedule of Vessel Information page. As part of the enrollment process, the owner/operator shall also review and agree to the terms of the WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) for each covered vessel. MSRC is the Primary Response Contractor cited in WSMC’s Umbrella Contingency Plan. By signing page 2 of the WSMC Enrollment Agreement, the owner/operator is agreeing to both the terms and conditions of the WSMC Enrollment Agreement and of the WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement. Electronic signatures via email are acceptable. On-line enrollment is available at WSMC Vessel Enrollment Agreement ON-LINE. To help guarantee timely coverage, the forms should be submitted to WSMC at least 96 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival in the WSMC Area of Coverage. The WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement is also available for review and download on the WSMC Enrollment page.
  3. The enrollment forms and the WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement must be agreed to and entered into by the owner/operator. If an authorized agent signs the enrollment forms on behalf of the owner/operator, then there must be a written authorization from the owner/operator authorizing the vessel’s agent to sign the enrollment forms and the WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement on the owner/operator’s behalf. A copy of the written authorization should be submitted with the completed enrollment forms. An acceptable example of a letter of authorization is available on WSMC’s website.
  4. The signature page of the WSMC Enrollment Agreement and the Schedule of Vessel Information page may be completed on-line at the WSMC Enrollment page, e-mailed to or, or faxed to 206-443-3839. Upon receipt of the completed and signed enrollment forms an official enrollment number will be issued for the vessel and the WSMC Enrollment Agreement will be signed by a WSMC representative and a copy returned. This creates two contracts: an Enrollment Agreement with WSMC and a WSMC Member Service Agreement with MSRC. Upon notice of the vessel’s first transit (or presence) in the WSMC Area of Coverage, an Effective Date will be assigned by WSMC. For coverage to be effective, WSMC must have a current signed WSMC Enrollment Agreement, Schedule of Vessel Information, and a notice of arrival or presence in the WSMC Area of Coverage.
  5. A list of transit fees can be found on WSMC’s Enrollment page and is identified as Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2016. Each vessel will be invoiced an annual transit fee upon its first call in the WSMC coverage area. The annual date of the agreement will be set by WSMC one year from the beginning of the first transit or presence in the WSMC Area of Coverage. Vessels may and are encouraged to submit the enrollment forms prior to notice of the first transit and/or upon presence in the WSMC Area of Coverage, as no fee will be charges until the vessel’s first call. Vessels that are covered by WSMC, that are already present within the WSMC Area of Coverage at the time of enrollment will be assessed a transit fee (unless such vessel has already been assessed a fee for transit into the WSMC Area of Coverage).
  6. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by WSMC, vessels that do not submit an Advance Notice of Arrival (ANOA) form to the US Coast Guard, must send notice directly to WSMC for each call or transit in the WSMC Area of Coverage by an individual vessel (or for each barge transit). Each Covered Vessel will be invoiced the appropriate transit fee for each first annual call in the WSMC Area of Coverage by an individual vessel (or barge or vessel internal transit or ferry route) as determined by WSMC's Transit Fee Schedule. Each WSMC covered vessel in the WSMC Area of Coverage will be charged one annual fee per twelve month period. Vessels that reside in the WSMC Area of Coverage that do not make a transit during the annual period will be invoiced pursuant to policies established by WSMC's Board of Directors.
  7. The WSMC Enrollment Agreement and the WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement will automatically renew at the end of each twelve month period, according to their terms, reducing the paperwork burden on vessel owners, operators, and representatives. Vessels that continue coverage will be assessed an annual transit fee upon first transit or first presence in the WSMC Area of Coverage for each subsequent enrollment year.
  8. If changes occur in vessel ownership or representation, the Schedule of Vessel Information, or in the Washington State contingency plan requirements, a new Schedule of Vessel Information page, and WSMC Enrollment Agreement needs to be submitted.


  1. A copy of the Washington State Maritime Cooperative’s Covered Vessel Field Document and WSMC’s brightly colored, laminated Notification Placard must be placed aboard each WSMC covered vessel. In order to comply with Washington state law, it is extremely important that this document and accompanying placard be aboard each covered vessel and that the vessel’s crew be familiar with the use of the field document and placard. You may order additional copies of the Field Document and placard from WSMC or download the Field Document and placard here.
  2. Our Executive Director and/or Response Manager would be glad to schedule a visit to your organization or crew(s) for an orientation presentation. Please call 206-448-7557 to schedule a visit.
  3. Vessels that transit the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the area of Neah Bay, bound to or from the United States, must also complete the ERTV Enrollment all documents can be found on the ERTV website.
  4. For vessels covered by WSMC, that do not call at a Canadian port, but that will transit through Canadian Waters, via the Strait of Juan de Fuca, WSMC has a reciprocity agreement with Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC). Under this agreement WSMC covered vessels may be registered for WCMRC coverage at no cost. As part of this agreement, the registration forms for coverage in Canadian waters must be filled out and submitted each year to the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia. Please visit WSMC’s or the Chamber’s website ( for specific instructions and forms. If you have any questions, please contact Chamber of Shipping Operations at Tel: 604-681-2351 or fax: 604-681-4364 or email: For Canada bound vessels, via the Strait of Juan de Fuca, that do not call in the United States and are registered with WCMRC, such vessels may enroll with WSMC, for no fee, using the above process.