WSMC enrollment is a simple process. And there is no enrollment fee due until the vessel enters WA state waters. To enroll a vessel or fleet of vessels, the owner/operator or authorized agent just needs to follow these steps;

1. Sign the WSMC Enrollment Agreement
Hardcopy pdf)

-If enrolling multiple vessels, only one Enrollment Agreement form needed per company.
- If authorized agent is submitting on behalf of owner/operator include the Authorized Agent letter.

  • For WCMRC member coverage under the Canadian Reciprocal Arrangement, complete steps 1 and 2. Note: For this reciprocal coverage a vessel is required to have an appropriate COFR, but is not required to have a USCG VRP.

  • For WSMC member coverage under the Canadian Reciprocal Arrangement click here.

2. Complete the Schedule of Vessel Information
Hardcopy pdf or On-Line)
- One form needed per vessel.
- Only for new enrollments or for previously enrolled vessels if owner/operator has changed.
- This form provides the needed information for WSMC and for ERTV coverage.

3. Sign the ERS/ERTV agreement if the member vessel transits the ERS/ERTV area
See the ERS/ERTV web site for information about the ERS/ERTV, area covered and assessment schedules.

Check for WSMC member enrolled vessel information

Vessels with active enrollments are indicated by an enrollment Anniversary Date that has not yet been reached. If the Anniversary Date is blank the vessel is enrolled but has not yet made its first transit to WA state waters.